The ENVIRA conferences have been an important forum for recent achievements in the field of environmental radioactivity and radioanalytical techniques.

The ENVIRA 2017 offers to Companies the opportunity to benefit from a space in the exhibition area and for close contacts with the experts in the field of the low-level radioactivity detection techniques including radiometrics and low-energy and high-energy mass spectrometry methods, in situ measuring techniques, continuous monitoring systems, and other recent analytical techniques during all the Conference duration.

Booths rates are given in the registration form.

The booth rental fee includes the symposium registration fee for one delegate.

For more information please contact: envira2017@ftmc.lt

Our Sponsors

TrisKem International manufactures and commercializes highly selective resins for the separation purification and recuperation of specific elements. TrisKem International’ products have now become the standard technology in the field of radiochemistry, geochemistry and radiopharmacy worlwide.
With over 20 years of experience, Baltic Scientific Instruments, is one of the leading manufacturers of precision equipment for gamma and x-ray analysis in nuclear energetics, ecology, radioactive waste management, custom control and other spheres. We specialize in development and serial production of detectors and spectrometers based on high-purity germanium, cadmium-zinc-tellurium, silicon or scintillation detectors.